YouTube Videos and Related Keywords Not Working - May 2015 Update

Update May 21st 2015: This problem has now been fixed in the latest version of the plugin (v1.2.5). Either update automatically from inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard or go to the Downloads page on the PushButtonSEO membership site and grab the latest version.

Unfortunately Google (who owns YouTube) has decided to withhold video keywords from the new v3 API that replaces the old v2 RSS feeds. The PushButton Optimizer LSI Keywords tool relied on this data so the tool is currently disabled. Before this tool can be reinstated a new source for keywords needs to be found. We’re working on that now and LSI keywords will return with the next plugin update.

Update May 20th 2015: YouTube has recently made significant changes to its service and no longer provides the RSS video feeds that PushButton relies upon for some of its key functionality, particularly YouTube video search in the Content module and related keywords in the Analyzer module.

As a result you will be seeing a screen similar to the following image when you perform a video search.


This affects all versions of PushButton SEO up to and including the latest version (1.2.4)

Videos you have already embedded in your content are not affected.

YouTube has provided an alternative service but it does not yet offer equivalent functionality, it requires an API key for access to services that were originally open and it appears there are some rather stringent limits on the daily request allowance.

 We are working on an update for PushButton SEO that attempts to rebuild all of the previous functionality with the minimum inconvenience for end users. Ideally we will provide a solution that does not require an API key or other form of authentication, if at all possible.

This could be a complex update and may take some time to complete. We will work at the greatest possible speed but we must also ensure the update works as seamlessly as possible.

In the meantime, apologies for the inconvenience and we'll keep you updated on developments and advise the user base as soon as an update is available.


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