Terms and Conditions of Our Support

PushButton SEO Support is available between 12:00pm to 12:00am GMT, Monday to Friday only, excluding public holidays. Please be aware that outside of these hours your support requests will be answered the following working day.

Terms of Support

PushButton SEO provides support to customers only. Support includes installation guidance, PushButton SEO bug fixing and general problem solving with PushButton SEO features. Please always check the knowledgebase before submitting a support ticket to our support desk.

We Do Not Support:

  • Any third party theme or plugin not packaged with PushButton SEO.
  • Errors and faults in PushButton SEO caused by faults in third party plugins or themes.
  • General WordPress support.
  • Any modification or customization to PushButton SEO that is not part of the official and documented product.
  • Best usage advice or guidelines beyond what you can find in the KnowledgeBase (please refer to the PushButton SEO Training site or visit the PushButton section of the MarketingEasyStreet forum for these types of requests).

Please seek independent advice and assistance from a web developer or programmer if you need help integrating scripts or other plugins not packaged with PushButton SEO.

Bug Fixes and Upgrades

Occasionally we do discover bugs within our plugin. We will endeavour to fix these bugs as soon as possible, but please be aware that depending on the complexity of the problem it does take variable lengths of time to fix bugs and test modifications. You will be notified in the PushButton SEO Training area and on the MarketingEasyStreet forum when upgrades are available that fix bugs or provide enhancements to the plugin.

Plugin and Theme Compatibility

PushButton SEO has been tested with a wide range of popular WordPress themes and plugins, however it is not possible to test every combination of every theme and plugin so it is possible conflicts may arise under certain configurations. Provided the PushButton SEO code operates without error on a standard installation of WordPress 3.2 or above that complies with WordPress basic operating requirements then any problems caused by integration of third party plugins falls outside the scope of the support we provide. Our software is tightly integrated with WordPress and uses WordPress recommended coding methods throughout. We have taken every effort to ensure our plugin does not modify or inhibit the standard operation of WordPress, therefore it is unlikely our plugin will break functionality in well coded third party plugins or themes. If we do find a case where our plugin is responsible for breaking or interfering with the standard operation of WordPress we will make every effort to fix the problem in a timely manner.

Operating Environment

A standard installation of WordPress requires at least 32MB allocated to PHP for front end operation and at the barest minimum 32MB for back end administrative operation. The minimum we recommend for a blog with multiple plugins or an advanced theme is 64MB. PushButton has been tested and found to work comfortably in 32MB when a moderate number of additional third party plugins are installed but may encounter problems with lower memory limits and/ or if other memory intensive third party plugins are installed. It is impossible for us to judge these limits on an individual basis because all configurations will differ. If you encounter memory problems using PushButton SEO (which by its nature needs to perform intensive string and array operations associated with sophisticated text analysis) please check the memory limit your host has set in the PHP configuration and if it is lower than 64MB ask them to increase it to at least this amount. If you have firewalls or other systems running that restrict traffic flow to and from your server or script operations that inhibit or filter external communication it is your responsibility to configure these in such a way that allows PushButton SEO to operate as intended. We recommend as the most suitable host for your WordPress blog as they configure their servers in such a way as to remove potential problems that can arise when operating complex software such as WordPress and PushButton SEO.


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