When I click the Analyze button nothing happens, I get no SEO Rating or Report

In PushButton Optimizer when you enter a primary keyword and click the Analyze button you see an AJAX loading image but it never completes. No SEO Rating is returned and the Report and Keywords tabs are also blank.

This problem is usually a result of insufficient memory available to PHP to run the WordPress administration system and any plugins installed including PushButton SEO. WordPress requires a minimum of 32MB to run the administration dashboard, however it can require a lot more memory depending on how WordPress is configured.

PushButton requires varying amounts of memory at any given moment, primarily governed by the length of the content it is analysing. Parsing, weighting, sorting and comparing text and words within that text is an intensive process.

To determine the memory limit for you server's PHP installation please go to your cPanel and check for the PHP Configuration option. This will show you a long list of settings, you need to find the "memory_limit" option. If it is lower than 64MB please contact your host, tell them you are running WordPress and need the limit increased to at least 64MB.

Another possible cause of this error is if the JavaScript interpreter on the browser aborts with errors before it reaches the code to execute the PushButton requests. Other plugins or themes can cause such problems. The latest version of PushButton does not throw any JavaScript errors under any conditions that have been tested. This is not to say errors in PushButton SEO can never occur, if they do we will fix them as quickly as possible.

To see if another plugin is causing the problem, temporarily deactivate all plugins except PushButton. If the Analyzer now runs you know it is another plugin causing the problem. Start adding plugins back one by one until you find the culprit.


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